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[Jun. 15th, 2011|10:36 pm]
The Arrows


Title : The morning after
Ratings G
Characters: Bruce, Roy, Roy's Mom
Parings none
I own nothing save mom

Summery don't mess with mom.

Inis Meain -Aran Islands County Galway Ireland  some twenty odd years ago…..

The young man sat brooding, at the old wooden kitchen table watching as his host and former maid prepared breakfast on the wood-burning stove across from him.

Her son whom looked remarkably like her with red hair and green eyes sat happily eating his oatmeal in the high-chair near-by.

He had simply wanted to find Daniel McCormic last night and was promptly threatened by his former maid holding a bow then shooting an arrow at him nearly missing his head.

Now he was joining her for breakfast.
The silence was  broken with the loud squealing of the infant followed by a splat.

Bruce Wayne promptly tried to wipe the offending goop off his face.

“Miss Harper”

Maeve turned around to see that her son Ruadh (Roy) had thrown his breakfast  across the table and hitting the arrogant young man squarely in the face. And she couldn’t help but secretly smile at her little boy’s good aim. “He get’s that from me..”